COVID-19 Update April 25, 2020

COVID-19 Update April 25, 2020:

πŸ“Š There are 95 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in BC. There are a total of 1,948 confirmed cases. There are 853 cases in the Fraser Health region.


βœ… The Province is working with the cities of Vancouver and Victoria to transition people living in encampments in Oppenheimer Park, Topaz Park and on Pandora Avenue into safe, temporary accommodations with wraparound supports to protect their health and safety in the overlapping COVID-19 and overdose crises. For more information, please visit this link.


πŸ”΄ I am extremely sad to report that 2 more people have passed away due to COVID-19 in BC. My condolences go to their families and communities in this painful time.


πŸ”¬ As Dr. Henry noted, widespread and rigorous testing at the Mission Institution in the last few days has led to an increased in positive cases.


This weekend we must all stay committed to social distancing. We cannot undo all of the progress we have made for our healthcare system, our elders, and those most vulnerable to this virus. Let’s keep flattening the curve.


Be safe. Be well.

The Vancouver Sun:Β  COVID-19: 95 new cases, two deaths announced Saturday.

For more information on Provincial government supports, please visit this link: