B.C.’s delegation attends PNWER Summit

British Columbia will participate at the annual summit of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER), July 22 to 26, 2018, in Spokane, Wash.

B.C. is a founding member of this organization. The official delegation includes Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture, Katrine Conroy, Minister of Children and Family Development, Rick Glumac, Parliamentary Secretary for Technology (Premier John Horgan’s official representative to PNWER), and MLAs Bob D’Eith and Ronna-Rae Leonard. Alan Winter, B.C.’s innovation commissioner, will also attend.

“This is an important time in our shared history, and shows why PNWER is vital for gathering thoughts and ideas on how to maintain strong ties between our two nations,” said Glumac. “The economies of each state, province, and territory in PNWER are connected. By working together across borders, B.C.’s economy has the potential to grow significantly.”

B.C.’s engagement in the summit demonstrates the government’s commitment to building effective partnerships with the province’s American neighbours during this critical and challenging time. The delegation will advocate for British Columbia’s interests when it comes to key issues of trade, as well as areas of mutual benefit, the importance of protecting wild salmon and the benefits they provide to coastal communities, technology and the Cascadia Innovation Corridor.

A key topic at the summit is the Columbia River Treaty. B.C. has been working with PNWER to organize a two-day tour in southeast B.C., to provide U.S. legislators with a first-hand understanding about the benefits of the treaty and its impacts.

“With discussions about the future of the Columbia River Treaty now underway, we must continue our collaborative approach, which has been the hallmark of the treaty,” said Conroy, B.C.’s minister responsible for the Columbia Basin Trust, Columbia Power Corporation and Columbia River Treaty. “The fundamental principle of the treaty must continue to be maximizing benefits for Canada and the United States, and sharing them equitably.”

Quick Fact:

  • Founded in 1991, the PNWER is a forum for collaborative cross-border planning. It involves both the public and private sectors, with leadership at the state and provincial level.